Before & After Dental Stories in Taunton MA

Before & After

Patient 1

This patient came in because he wanted to improve his smile. Being the caretaker for his ailing wife, he let his dental care go.

His children encouraged him to take the step and get his smile back. He heard about Dr. Turners office from friends, so he called up and made the initial visit where a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan was made.

Dentist before picture ma
This photo shows how his teeth looked at his first visit

He was scheduled for a 2 hour appointment, and his upper front teeth were prepared for a 6-tooth fixed-bridge. This is what his teeth looked like after that first visit.

Dental office after one visit
This is what his teeth looked like after that first visit

He was instructed to evaluate these temporaries and let us know of any changes that he wants. He called us after a few days, and we sent his case off to our lab for fabrication of the permanent fixed-bridge.

After removing his temporaries and then fitting the permanent, his new bridge was completed and this was the result:

Taunton Dental office after first visit
He is now enjoying a new, beautiful smile that should last a lifetime!

Patient 2

Patient 2 had a lot of old failing bridgework that he had done many years ago. Combined with a bad bite, he was looking for a permanent solution that would give him a much healthier and beautiful smile. After removing all remaining teeth and old bridgework, implants were placed which were later attached to the bridgework which you see. Now the patient has something now that he never has to take out of his mouth and is the smile that he always dreamed of. Patient 2 had sedation so that he could snooze during all of his visits.

Patient 3

Patient 3 had a tooth that had been injured when he was a child. By shaving a little bit of the discolored tooth away and then covering it with solid porcelain that is bonded to the tooth, he now has a tooth that looks like it belongs! The procedure was painless.

Patient 4

Our next before and after story came in to our Taunton Dental Office today and wished to have her space closed between her 2 front teeth. She had braces when a child and there was no space. Now as a middle aged adult, she wished to have it closed again.

After a 45 minute appointment and no anesthetic, she had her teenage smile back!

Patient 5

Patient 5 came to have her front teeth fixed to look better. Though she had many of the other teeth that needed work, she wanted to have these such that she could smile again. She came in for Sedation due to anxiety, and decided to get a few other things done. In addition to making her front teeth look better, we were able to put in a dental implant in the back teeth area to improve her chewing efficiency, as well as to rebuild another back tooth with a Cerec crown. 4 hours in the chair and she was completely done. She was able to “doze” through the entire visit.

After a 45 minute appointment and no anesthetic, she had her teenage smile back!


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