Below are some Frequently Asked Question that our Taunton Dental Office gets from time to time. If you have other questions, please contact us at (508) 822-9387

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We accept most dental insurance carriers. If your carrier is out of network, you can verify with them if they allow you to go out of network, which is possible in most cases. Our in-network carriers include:
  • Altus
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Delta Dental
If you verify that your carrier allows you to go out of network, your benefits may be the same or similar, or there may be separate provisions for out-of-network carriers. You will want to verify your out-of-network coverage with your carrier.
We are out of network with Mass Health. Mass Health has a policy that restricts their insured members to in-network providers only, and thus would not cover any procedures performed in this office.
Conscious sedation is a light form of sedation, as opposed to deep sedation. It is a safe and effective treatment for minor procedures. It is a combination of oral and IV medication. Patients typically do not remember much of what went on that day. It can be compared to the type of sedation used during colonoscopy procedures. For more information, click here.
We pride ourselves in being able to help children through their entire dental experience. However, at this time we do not sedate children under the age of 13 with anything other than nitrous oxide, which is an anti-anxiety agent and is extremely safe for children of that age. If your child is older than 13, we would be happy to set up a consultation where we could assess your child’s ability to have this type of treatment.
All non-covered benefits and deductibles are due the day services are rendered. In the case of sedation appointments, payment in full is required prior to booking the appointment.
Our priority is making sure you get the care you need. We accept cash, check, and all types of credit cards. We also offer two financial options to help cover your treatment. For more information about our financing options, click here.

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