Pain-Free Dentistry

Latest Technology. Greatest Care.

Many patients fear going to the dentist. Are you one of them? Fear no more! Dr. Turner specializes in the latest pain free technology for your comfort and peace of mind. At this practice our doctors use the cutting-edge technology of STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System® to deliver a targeted local anesthetic to the precise location needed. Computerized, pin-point accuracy means no more excessive use of anesthesia that causes drooping and drooling after your dental work. It also means little to no pain during fillings, and reduced duration of that unpleasant numbing effect that usually lingers on for hours after your appointment.

Advanced Skill for Ultimate Comfort

In addition, both Dr. Turner is trained in advanced injection techniques that allow virtually pain-free injections with even traditional injection systems.

Oral Sedation

For some, almost nothing is going to cut the feeling anxiety and distress. Your dental situation is NOT a hopeless one! We offer both Deep Sedation and Conscious Sedation for all the varying degrees anxiety. Like the expression goes – ignorance is bliss. You get the work you need while sleeping through the entire thing! See more information on Sedation Dentistry.

For milder cases we offer other calming options for an easy, affordable way to take the edge off.

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