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Dental Eye Protection

In a recent story from Fox 29 in New Jersey, Jenn Marrone, a mother of two was seeing her Dentist for a root canal when suddenly a needle was dropped in her eye. Bacteria from the needle began eating away at her retina. Sadly, she suffered from permanent vision loss and now requires the use of a prosthetic eye.

With a sense of responsibility to other dental patients, Marrone, now heads up an organization that is currently fighting for the use of eye protection for patients undergoing dental procedures. They are even raising money to provide protective eyewear for dental clinics in low income areas.

Marrone told XTXF “It was 100% percent preventable if I had eye protection on this would have never happened.”

At the Office of Mark R. Turner, DDS we took notice to this story since we are always looking out for the wellbeing of each patients dental and overall health. The use of eye protection for our dental patients was implemented around 2014 thanks to forethought and example of our very own Dr. Yeh.

Dr. Yeh was required to provide eye protection for patients he treated in Dental School, so after joining our team in Taunton, patient eye protection requirements were quickly adopted.

At Mark R. Turner, DDS we pride ourselves in being the forerunners in dentistry, patient care, and most importantly, patient safety. Located in Taunton, MA, our office can be reached at (508) 822-9387

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