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“I think my dentist was speaking Latin.”

The dentist walked into the room, said a quick hello without making any eye contact, and immediately focused on the patient’s x-rays.  With no abnormalities found, he then spun around towards the patient and said,   “Let’s bring you back now and take a look.” As he was quickly scanning her oral cavity, the patient pointed towards […]
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Don’t take flossing advice from mainstream media

Don’t take flossing advice from mainstream media A few years ago, the news was abuzz with stories about the lack of scientific evidence to support the claim that daily flossing is beneficial.  Here are a few of those headlines. U.S. News and World Report “Health Buzz: Flossing Doesn’t Actually Work, Report Says” (1) The Telegraph “Flossing […]
chewing ice is bad for your teeth. Best practices for healthy teeth. Dental office in Taunton MA

Ice can burst your pipes and your teeth

Tim was awakened at 2 AM by a familiar sound.  Running water.  But Tim assumed it was just his toilet acting up again.  So he pressed the pillow against his ears and tried to ignore it.  But the sound only got louder.   Tim flung the covers off himself and jumped out of bed.  But the second his feet hit the […]
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Will teeth “fashion” go away in the future?

“I hate clothes.  Okay I hate buying them.  I hate picking them out of my closet.  I can’t stand every day trying to come up with little outfits for myself.  I think eventually fashion won’t even exist…it won’t.  I think eventually we’ll all be wearing the same thing because anytime I see a movie or a TV show where there’s […]

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