Ice can burst your pipes and your teeth

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Tim was awakened at 2 AM by a familiar sound.  Running water.  But Tim assumed it was just his toilet acting up again.  So he pressed the pillow against his ears and tried to ignore it.  But the sound only got louder.  

Tim flung the covers off himself and jumped out of bed.  But the second his feet hit the floor he knew something was seriously wrong.  

He was in ankle deep water.  

Tim immediately shut off the main circuit breaker and then the main water valve.  With cellphone in hand, he got a hold of SERVPRO (a company that deals with water damage).  And they arrived within the hour. 

What happened?  

A water pipe froze overnight and burst.  And unfortunately, Tim ended up with major damage to the inside of his home.  

This ice stuff is no joke.  Ice reeks havoc in many areas of our lives.  For example:

  • Hail storms (balls of ice) damage cars.  Common target?  Windshields.
  • Ice dams (ice that builds up on the edge of roofs) damage the outside of homes.
  • Freeze-Thaw Cycle of the seasons damages asphalt roads.  Hitting potholes is not fun, especially on a bicycle!
  • Frozen Water Pipes can burst and damage the inside of homes.  Ask Tim.

Ice can also damage something else.  Your teeth!  But unlike the examples above, this one is self-inflicted!  It’s caused by an all too common habit.

Chewing ice. 

Chewing ice can cause the following problems.

  • It can fracture or chip your teeth
  • It can damage your existing dental work (e.g. veneers, crowns, fillings, etc.)
  • It can lead to sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • It can increase your risk of developing cavities

Don’t take the power of ice lightly.  Don’t let this bad habit “burst” your teeth in the middle of the night.   

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Authored by Mark Frias, RDH

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