7 Common Causes of Bad Breath

7 Common Causes of Bad Breath

Bad breath can be embarrassing and unpleasant; embarrassing when it comes from your mouth and unpleasant when it comes from others. Understanding the causes of bad breath is an important step towards correcting the problem.

Some causes

  • Smelly Foods – oniony, garlicy, or spicy foods can produce bad breath for some time after you eat them. This is a temporary smell and the only solution for this is to brush after eating and consider mouth wash and sugar-free gum/mints.
  • Coffee – coffee can cause bad breath due to the strong odor it produces and the caffeine also slows saliva production.
  • Dry mouth – decreased saliva production can cause bad breath. Causes of dry mouth include, smoking, breathing through your mouth, or a medication side effect. Dry mouth could also be a sign of other health concerns. Consult your dentist if you believe you suffer from dry mouth.
  • Tobacco – smoking or chewing tobacco can cause bad breath along with causing teeth staining, irritated gums, and increased chance of cancer. Quitting tobacco use would be a great step towards oral and overall health.
  • Bacteria – bacteria from decaying food particles can cause bad breath. Proper dental care, including flossing, brushing twice a day, and regular dental and hygiene visits, decrease the chance of bacteria build up that will lead to bad breath.
  • Dental issues – gum disease and cavities along with other tooth or dental appliance issues can be the cause of bad breath.  Please see the dentist to determine if any of these issues could be causing it. 
  • Disease – diabetes is known to be a cause of bad breath. People who suffer from sinus infections or other respiratory issues are also more likely to experience bad breath.

How to fix it

Knowing what has caused your bad breath is the first step in correcting it. Evaluating your health, habits, and lifestyle can help you discover the root cause. Discuss your breath with your physician and dentist. They can determine the best approach towards getting you on the road to good oral health.  

Choosing a healthy diet, discarding unhealthy habits, and maintaining a good hygiene regiment is the easiest way to achieving good oral health and eliminating bad breath.


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